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Tantric sex: the spiritual connection of partners

Tantric sex: the spiritual connection of partners

Tantric sex is an intimate esoteric practice from the Indian teachings of Tantra. Partners who decide to have intimacy in Tantra learn not only physical love, but also spiritual love. Moreover, during the session, lovers create a single whole, completely merging with their beloved. A man feels his woman and brings her to the top of pleasure thus getting pleasure himself.

Tantric intercourse usually lasts several hours. For advanced couples, continuous sex lasts up to 10 hours.

Spiritual affinity is not about fussing in bed. Western men come a couple of minutes after the start of the intercourse. In Tantric sex it's important to prolong the process. The partner spends his energy on the satisfaction of his beloved, in order to experience an orgasm simultaneously with her. By the way, such relaxation turns out to be longer and more sensual.

Tantric sex basics

Tantra sex is totally different from the primitive intercourse for the sake of quick satisfaction. Tantric intimacy goes beyond the sensual sex of two passionate lovers. Sexual attraction fades into the background, giving way to the spiritual unity of partners. Awareness and slowness allow you to expand the boundaries of consciousness and truly feel your beloved, understand his feelings and desires. It should be noted that not all couples succeed in this the first time. Tantric sex requires a lot of training, as well as patience and dedication from partners.It is necessary to make mindful love in a quiet, prepared place. If this is your apartment, try to create an appropriate atmosphere in it. Candles and aroma lamps will help clear the energy of the room and tune lovers in the right way. Movements during sex should be smooth, as if in a slow dance. Your task is to fully enjoy every touch of your partner and give him sensual caresses.

In order to achieve a full exchange of energies, the couple needs to refrain from sexual activity for several days before the act itself. Do not eat too much as well. A small aphrodisiac snack is enough. Breathing plays a huge role in sex. Breathing correctly is not so easy: breathing should be even, in unison with your partner. The following exercise helps to improve the breathing process. Lovers should lie opposite each other and imagine that a powerful fiery orange stream of energy flows through their bodies. In this case, you need to try to breathe in unison.

Physical fitness is of great importance for this practice. After all, having sex for several hours is a difficult task that can only be achieved with regular exercise.

Cleanup of thoughts is the next stage in preparation for tantric sex. During intercourse, one should not think about extraneous things, be it a remark from a boss or a pile of dishes in the sink. All your thoughts should be directed to your partner. By practicing meaningful sex, a couple can reach the highest level of spiritual intimacy - the possibility of sex at a distance. When the energy currents are firmly intertwined, lovers have the opportunity to kiss and hug each other without having physical contact.