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10 things that will pleasantly surprise him in sex

10 things that will pleasantly surprise him in sex

Impressing a man in bed is easier than it seems. To do this, it is not necessary to resort to role-playing games or arrange a sexual meal. The vast majority of the stronger sex need only one thing – an emancipated mistress. Do you want to surprise your man and make him feel good? Take note of these ideas.

Leave the light on

Many women worry about sagging breasts after the birth of a child or an old scar. But representatives of the stronger sex rarely pay attention to this, although they love it with their eyes. It is more important for them to see your facial expression and actions, especially if you have already taken off your clothes. They want to make you happy in bed and focus on that, not on your shortcomings. Let him see all of you.

Don't be afraid to touch yourself

It sounds strange, but such a small thing is extremely exciting for men. Looking at a woman who knows her own sexuality is very pleasant. So you may show him what caresses give you the most pleasure.

Use your mouth

It is difficult to find a man who does not enjoy oral sex. Make him such a gift for a birthday or other holiday.

Express your enjoyment with sounds

It is not necessary to sigh like a porn actress, but you need to express pleasure. You can tell him what you like best, but not with commands, but, for example, like this: "I love it when you move faster." And he will appreciate simple sighs, as long as they sound sincere. Such an expression of pleasure on your part will push him to feats.

Focus on his sensitive points

For example, focus on the frenulum. Treat it kindly. The right actions will impress him.

Change your place

Men like to indulge in love pleasures in different places. If you usually have sex in bed, change it to a sofa or a washing machine. You'll enjoy it, too.

Proceed slowly

Naturally, they like it when everything happens at an accelerated pace. But a slow rhythm may be even more enjoyable. It will allow him to experience a wider range of feelings. He'll have more time to explore your body.

Don't neglect the foreplay

A man may come to combat readiness in a few seconds, but foreplay will not be superfluous. Send him an erotic message or arrange a light striptease. There may be many interesting ideas.

Let him dominate

Forget for a while about routine sex in a monotonous pose; give him the opportunity to realize his fantasies. He may handcuff you to the bed, or he may think of something else.

Use the toys from the sex shop

If you haven't used them before, it's time to experiment.