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5 tips for a first night with a new lover

5 tips for a first night with a new lover

Even if love catches you surprisingly, you must be one hundred percent ready for it. Don't forget the following 5 points.

Forget that it's going to be your first sex

In fact, women often pay so much attention to this fact that they completely forget about relaxation. They think about their  appearance, behavior. They are worried if the man would like everything. Although you just need to turn off your brain and trust your body. It will certainly tell you what to do so that you and your partner experience pleasure and orgasm.

Find out if a man has an STD

Yes, there is not much romance in this, but it must be done! Asking it, you show that you care about your own health. Of course, a man can deceive you. However, in this case, you will certainly see feigned surprise on his face, and he will answer somewhat clumsily or too self-confident.

Ask how your partner feels about oral sex.

About 20% of women do not like French kissing, and about 10% of men are very ambivalent about blowjob. For some, this is the result of psychological trauma (for example, an unsuccessful intimate experience), others are shy and do not know how to behave during oral sex, and still others cum quickly. In addition, there are men who do not know how to do cunnilingus at all and therefore are afraid of it .

Tell me about large moles

This is, first of all, a matter of health. For example, you have a large mole on your back or behind your ear. In a fit of passion, a man can inadvertently hurt and damage it. At best, this can result in bleeding, at worst, infection and inflammation. In addition, you should tell your partner about sensitive areas on the body. Many women do not like being grabbed by the neck, as they begin to choke.

Remind about condoms

Actually, this item should be the first. However, partners are often so passionate about each other that they completely forget about contraceptives. So you should always have classic medium sized condoms in your purse. No need for flavors, flavorings and all kinds of effects. All of a sudden, your partner is allergic to something.