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Tips for anorgasmic women

Tips for anorgasmic women

Any sexual problems? Tantra yoga specialists will help you get the most out of intimacy. Our article contains the best tips and tricks for women who dream of having an orgasm, but cannot get it for some reason.

Simple and effective ideas from experts will help you learn how to get a bright orgasm and enjoy intimacy to the fullest!



10 tips for anorgasmic women

1. Get undressed stand in front of the mirror. Imagine yourself through the eyes of a man. What do you like most about your body - breasts, curves, dimples? Tell yourself that your body is worthy of love and desire. Take a close look at the genitals, examining them in detail.

2. Create a cozy atmosphere, sit back and start touching your body, including your genitals. Enjoy your touch without expecting to get aroused. Touch yourself to find out what you like best.

3. The next step is to caress yourself in order to get aroused. Carefully examine the genitals in front of the mirror, gently touch the breasts, clitoris, labia. Find erogenous zones on your body and stimulate them for pleasure. Find out what kind of caresses you like - gentle or intense, so that later tell your partner about it.

4. Stroke your clitoris, labia, and inner thighs with your fingers until you get really aroused. Don't get hung up on reaching orgasm, just enjoy the process itself.

5. Repeat step 4 regularly, about 25-30 minutes a day. Stimulate yourself without a goal to reach orgasm. many women get pleasure this way. If after 2 weeks you cannot get an orgasm, use the following advice.

6. Choose a vibrator or satisfire in a sex shop. Gently stimulate the sensitive areas with the toy by experimenting with vibration mode, penetration depth and angle. If a dildo or classic vibrator does not suit you, choose sex toys with additional stimulation of the clitoris, such as "rabbit". Instead of a vibrator, you can caress yourself with a flexible shower hose, directing a stream of warm water to the clitoris. If you manage to reach orgasm with a vibrator, try to bring yourself to maximum arousal with the toy, then continue using your hands. In the case when after 2 weeks of active stimulation orgasm doesn't come, contact the therapist.

7. Having learned how get orgasm by yourself, move on to the next stage - stimulate yourself in front of your partner.

8. Let your lover stimulate you in the same way as you do in front of him.

9. Let your partner regularly bring you to the peak of arousal just before intercourse.

10. Stimulate yourself directly during sex, use a vibrator, fingers, special cock rings for men.

As you can see, the methods of achieving orgasm for women are quite simple and enjoyable. Feel free to use them regularly. Have bright orgasms!