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5 tips for the most impressive blowjob

5 tips for the most impressive blowjob

Some women do it to please their man, others because they really like the process. But they all have one thing in common, the desire to know: "How to give him the best blowjob in his life."

Use the body

Oral sex is a pleasure for men, but sexologists believe that in order to achieve the maximum "effect" it is necessary to add some visuals. Sometimes look your partner in the eyes, arch your back like a cat. You may play with your boobs as well. Let the man see that you really like the process - this will allow him to achieve maximum relaxation.

Use various techniques

The glans penis is very sensitive. But a few minutes after the start of stimulation, the sensations are no longer so acute. Switch your attention to other "hot spots" - shower the lower abdomen with kisses , pay attention to the inner side of the thighs (at the same time, continue to stimulate the base of the penis with your hand). Go down to the crotch. He will surely like it if you lick the penis several times.

Change your pose

Do you know that a change in position during oral sex will give a man new sensations. Change the angle of contact of your bodies to access the most sensitive areas that were previously hidden. Try changing the default position with him lying on his back and you nestling between his legs.

You can  lie on your back so that your head hangs freely from the bed, and ask the man to stand opposite. This position initially does not seem very comfortable, but in practice he will definitely like it. This position guarantees the deepest possible penetration. He will be able to hold your head, regulate the pace, enjoy admiring your naked body.

Give him a walk

Let the cock walk your face. Touch your nipples with his glans penis. There is a chance that you will not be able to finish what you started. An extremely excited partner will immediately want to break into your bosom.

Explore new territory

Success in oral sex depends a lot on location. Give your man a hot blowjob not at home, but in some unusual place. You can choose a secluded spot in the park, get into cars or a half-empty movie theater. Much depends on how open-minded both of you are. The main thing to remember is that the hypothetical probability that you will be caught doing such an interesting activity is much nicer than reality. Passers-by have smartphones with cameras with which they can take pictures of you. While getting pleasure, control the situation, do not risk too much, so that later the video with your participation does not appear on the network.