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Blogger's tips on how to make sex regular

Blogger's tips on how to make sex regular

Australian blogger Jessica Hood told how to make intimacy regular.

On her Instagram page, the blogger said that the men need to follow the 2-hour window rule if they want to have systematic sex.

How to get into this "golden" gap?

There are a few helpful tips to consider here.

Scheduled intimacy

Normally the rule applies to couples with babies. However, other couples may use this rule too.

So, according to the blogger, you need to make love with your partner until 21.30. The thing is that at this time your partner starts to complain that she is very tired. So don't miss out the moment to tune her in making love.

What's the secret?

Jessica shared that after she puts the babies to bed at 7:30 pm, she has little time to stay awake. During these hours, she usually does the cleaning, washes up and cooks for tomorrow. So by 22:00 she gets so tired that the only thing she wants is to go to bed as soon as possible. Consider this timeline so you both can make love.

After that, you can help your spouse do the work around the house.  In addition, scientists have proven that men who wash up have an increased chance of having systematic sex.

The blogger encourages men to help their spouses around the house. This will provide not only systematic intimacy, but also support the flame of passion. So you won't think that sex no longer excists after having a baby. The main thing is to learn how to share the duties.

According to Hood, a man washing dishes and slicing sandwiches is an extremely sexy sight. Especially if he does it shirtless.

Take advantage of Jessica's valuable advice. Help your spouse around the house and remember the 2-hour window rule. And you both will be happy!