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Sex on the table: 6 tips to enjoy and not get hurt

Sex on the table: 6 tips to enjoy and not get hurt

The table is one of the most popular places to have sex at home. However, few people think that having sex on the table you should follow some rules. This is necessary in order to get maximum pleasure and not get hurt in the process.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when having sex on the table.

Consider table height

According to experts, the height of the table should be at the level of the man's waist. If partners are concerned about the stability of a piece of furniture, it should be used as a support.

Check the reliability

Fatigue is extremely unpredictable. It can overtake completely unexpectedly. So sexologists advise first to make sure that the table is able to withstand both partners. To do this, before sex, let the woman lie on the table, and the man rest his hands on him. This will help determine the reliability of the selected surface.

Sex on the table doesn't have to be tough

So, the partners tested the table for reliability, made sure that it would be comfortable to have sex on it. It seems like you can have sex and not worry about anything. However, it should be remembered that the tabletop is not a very soft place, so it is better to lay a blanket on it or substitute a pillow. During the process, you need to make sure that the legs are not likely to break down.

Don't be limited to the kitchen table

The kitchen table is great, but there are other interesting places to have sex. We are talking about a billiard table: it is quite heavy, soft and stable. So, if there is an opportunity to indulge in pleasures on it, you should not miss it. However, it is important to remember that the surface of the billiard table is not very easy to clean so use paper towels.

Oral sex

Oral sex is also possible on the table. The woman settles down on the tabletop, and the man is on his knees next to her. The partner's legs should lie on his shoulders at the moment when he will do her cunnilingus.

Flawless foreplay!

Do what the bed does not allow

Let's say you can have sex while standing. In this case, the woman throws one leg on the tabletop. This will provide deeper penetration. In addition, the partner can lie on the table, and the man at the same time - cross her legs and insert his penis into the vagina. This position guarantees new unforgettable sensations. you may try having sex in the kitchen wearing only apron. This will inflame your feelings and make you have sex in the kitchen more often. Our recommendations will help you get the most out of the process!