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The British girl lost 30 kg and took revenge on the guy

The British girl lost 30 kg and took revenge on the guy

Laurie Ball, a 24-year-old from Wales, was hurt by a guy. It was he who pushed her to radical changes.

A resident of the small town of St. Asaph, which is located in Denbigshire (North Wales), suffered from extra weight. She says she was constantly unhappy. Ball tried to lose weight, but she simply could not adhere to restrictions, because she loved to eat very much. She admits she was living for food.

Laurie didn't have a relationship for the past 4 years. The girl was very glad when she was invited to dinner by a young man whom she met online. In her opinion, the first date went quite well. They went for a walk, had a great time and agreed to meet again on Laurie's birthday.

The date was supposed to take place in a week. Ball prepared for it thoroughly. However, a few hours before the appointed hour the bell rang. The guy said that he really regreted to say this, but did not want to see Laurie again, since she turned out to be larger than he had thought.

The girl, she was really broken down. She felt ashamed and neglected. The young man left her and did not even congratulate her on her birthday. Laurie said that he was quite cold with her.

But the guy's harsh comment pushed her to action. In just six months, the girl lost 30 kg. Laurie's clothing size has dropped from 16th to 10th by UK standards.

According to the girl, it actually hurt her deeply. Now she is grateful to that guy, because it was then that she decided on cardinal changes. This became the strongest motivation for her.

Laurie revealed the secret of her wonderful transformation. She admitted that she really liked the high-calorie food, processed cheese and crackers. But the girl decided to switch to healthy nutrition. She began to cook her favorite food at home but she tried to make it less fattening.

When the girl is relaxing, her diet is 1500 kcal, on sports days - 1900 kcal. The number of steps measured by a special gadget has increased from 3 thousand to 15 thousand. The girl hired a personal fitness instructor and she does sports 6 times a week.

All this time, the guy has been among her followers on social networks. Ball started uploading pictures after the transformation. The guy got interested in her again. He started texting her and inviting on a date. But Laurie did not reply to his messages.

Then the young man showed persistence and decided to call her. Ball picked up the phone and laughed out loud at his next invitation. According to Laurie, losing weight was her revenge in response to the guy's rudeness.

Now the girl is happy in a relationship with Sam Roberts. She met him after starting a new life with sports and healthy nutrition.