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Top five mistakes when having sex

Top five mistakes when having sex

Of course, not everyone is able to boast of their skill in sexual relations. However, there are mistakes that are too obvious to everyone.

We suggest finding out what you are doing wrong in bed, and how to avoid it.

No initiative

Men also want to be seduced. Don't be afraid to take the initiative. Be active and do not forget that sex should bring pleasure to both partners.


A man should be aware of your desires, because in a good relationship both partners think of each other's pleasure first. Tell you partner what you want and what you dislike in bed. Be very delicate not to hurt your partner's feelings.

Comparison with an ex-partner

This is, of course, the main taboo. Sex is not a template that everyone should fit into. You must get rid of the habit of comparing your current partner with your ex, otherwise your relationship will be over!

Simulated orgasm

Believe me, a man feels when a woman is deceiving him. He will also think that something is wrong if you try to simulate an orgasm in the first minutes of sex. Be honest and think about your pleasure. You're not going to simulate him your whole life, are you?

Wrong sex position

Sex in 2.5 positions can bore anyone. Experimenting is a great way to add variety to your intimate life. Men just love them! Together, find the right position, pace of movement and ask your partner to be gentle.