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Not for love: top 6 places where you shouldn't have sex

Not for love: top 6 places where you shouldn't have sex

If the relationship is just beginning to develop or it is necessary to add spice to the everyday life of a stable couple, unusual and even dangerous places for love pleasures come to the rescue. Experiments and unusual experiences are always exciting, but there are still places where it is better not to indulge in passion.

Take into account some recommendations if you suddenly want sex right here and now.

In a moving car

Surely you understand why it is better not to do this, but the data of harsh statistics look much more convincing. According to opinion polls, a third of those who had sex in a car exceeded the speed limit, another third was randomly rearranging from one lane to another, and 11% drove a car with four hands. Therefore, it is better to park the vehicle: it will not harm sex but it may save you.

In the pool

In the movies, sex in water looks mesmerizing, but in reality, everything is far from being so beautiful. Chlorine changes the pH balance in woman's vagina, thereby making it much easier for infection to enter. The opposite situation is also not very pleasant: with insufficient chlorination in the water, various bacteria circulate. The risk, of course, is not one hundred percent, but it is still better to be reasonable.

In the ocean

Endless water surface, hiding everything and everyone, and even colorful fish around ... Romance, and nothing more! Plus no chlorine. However, there are also disadvantages here. Salt water makes vaginal penetration much more difficult. And there was also such a case when one Italian couple literally fused their genitals! It may sound funny, but they had to be taken to intensive care and separated by a surgical method, using, among other things, a cervical dilator, which is sometimes used during childbirth. It's not worth it, is it?

On the sand

Making love on the sand in movies is as popular as sex in the water. It may seem really cool: to feel velvety grains of sand on your skin and enjoy intercourse. However, for the female genital organs, such pleasures are fraught with painful sensations and all the same infection that can penetrate through microtraumas on the skin.

On the balcony

A magnificent panorama opens from here, and besides, this is a great way to tickle your nerves. However, you can fall down. So, in 2014 in London, a Russian woman and a Mexican fell out of the balcony of the 6th floor. According to eyewitnesses, the young couple wanted to have sex, for which the girl settled down on the balcony railing. Probably, in the process, the lovers could not control their bodies, fell and crashed to death.

In a public toilet

It's a hidden place but not for sex. Unless you want to get diarrhea or some nasty infection. So have sex in the right places, and you will have happiness and orgasms, and not a bunch of problems!