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Top 3 rules of the popular method of contraception during sex

Top 3 rules of the popular method of contraception during sex

No normal specialist will advise interrupted sexual intercourse (ISI) as a method of contraception, even to partners who have been in a relationship for a long time. However, if you do decide to do this, you should keep in mind a few nuances.

Consider the 3 basic rules of a common contraceptive method.

Practice ISI only with a trusted partner

This is an indisputable fact, which, however, is often ignored. It is worth starting with the fact that with ISI, when ejaculation occurred outside the vagina, pregnancy may still occur. The release of spermatozoa is carried out not only at the moment of orgasm – they also fall into the lubricant and pre-semen almost throughout the entire coition. Of course, their number is extremely small, but there is a risk.

In addition, ISI as a contraceptive method is prohibited to use with unfamiliar partners. Because not only do you not know if he will be able to react with lightning speed and remove the penis, but also whether he has sexually transmitted diseases. In such cases, it is more correct to trust the condom.

Choose certain poses

Of course, they are not able to protect you from unwanted pregnancy. For a long time there was an opinion that if a woman is on top, then all the sperm, according to the law of attraction, will flow out of her, and fertilization will not happen. However, when the fluid is in the female body, the biological law of conservation of the genus is triggered, in which even the weakest sperm will make every effort to penetrate the uterus.

By the way, this is one of the disadvantages of the "Rider" pose when sexual intercourse is interrupted – the partner simply does not have time to remove the beloved from the penis or pull it out in a timely manner. To make the process faster in this case, have sex in the "Doggie-style" and "Spoon" poses face to face and from the back, and even sitting on the table when the partner is standing opposite.

Properly tune in to the process

You don't have to meditate, but you definitely need to relax. Sometimes even gynecologists say that with an interrupted sexual act, pregnancy does not occur just because the partners are not set up for it. Some consider themselves infertile, while others are so worried that the body rejects any foreign body.

You may argue that this is just very good. On the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, being in tension, you will not get pleasure from the process, and in some cases even orgasm will not reach. What should you do? Just relax and have fun.

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