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Toy Mr. Potato Head will become gender neutral

Toy Mr. Potato Head will become gender neutral

Hasbro began production of toys for children in the form of figurines that imitate potatoes in 1952, with holes for inserting various parts. The line quickly gained popularity. The company that produces such toys has decided to make the brand gender neutral. The brand will now have the name Potato Head.

The firm wants to ensure that all customers feel welcome. Earlier in the title there was the word "mister". It was also visualized in the branding. This was interpreted as gender inequality. Now the situation has changed.

Under the Potato brand, the firm offers potato figures in which holes are made for inserting details that simulate eyes, various parts of the body, and hair. The line includes toys that represent male potatoes. No name changes are planned, they will be indicated on the packaging.

According to experts, this brand decision is correct. It is adopted for business reasons and is aimed at increasing sales. This was stated by the head of Brand Finance. The point here is not a desire to change the outlook of buyers, to impose their point of view on them. It is a financially motivated business decision. The company's goal is to make the toy relevant for the modern generation of children, because they see the world in a slightly different way. It is important to keep up with the times, to meet the requirements of buyers.