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5 unexpected poses using pillows

5 unexpected poses using pillows

Two comfy pillows can make your sex enchanting. With their help, it is easy to change the angle between the buttocks and the bed, to get different sensations. Stock up on hard and soft pillows to set off on your adventure.

Sex positions with pillows


The pillows need to be hoisted one on top of the other, crowned with a vibrator and get on all fours. Combine holding the vibrator with classic intercourse or a hand job (by agreement with your partner). If everything works out, you will experience a double orgasm.

Maximum immersion

Even in missionary position, a few pillows can make a difference. Place them under your butt, raising your hips to the level of your partner's penis when he is in a kneeling position. For maximum intimacy, throw your legs around his neck, use a sex toy to affect the clitoris.


Sit him down on the bed and put some pillows under his lower back and two more under his thighs and knees. Sit on top with your back turned to him. You will get maximum pleasure in the slightly modernized  cowgirl position.


This version looks like the construction of the fort has begun from the pillows, but not finished. The man should lie on his side and put a couple of pillows on himself. You need to sit on your back and throw yourself over it. This position is convenient for making love if the size of his penis is small. In addition, you can use a variety of toys.


Place two pillows on the edge of the bed, rest your knees on them (the main thing is not to fall), turning your back to the edge of the bed and the man who is standing next to. Lean forward, drop onto your hands. The slightly modified doggy style will appeal to both of you!