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6 ways to be happier together

6 ways to be happier together

Go on a picnic with your partner to your favourite park when it gets warm. Go shopping to a mall, take a bike ride together, or cook a special meal. Each couple has things that they like to do together. Lovers plan and anticipate this with special impatience. Some things may not be given special importance, but they are the ones that protect our feelings.

True love is nourished by small everyday signs of attention. And these things have nothing to do with the word "must". This is the opinion of psychoanalysts. Here the main desire is to continue joint adventures, all the time requiring sensitivity and imagination from partners.

Boring life and family rituals are different things. We do household chores out of necessity, automatically, and we follow traditions consciously, on a voluntary basis. Family life, filled with routine, is too bland. Rituals serve as an “emotional barometer” to fuel love and affection.

It is important that both partners love the ritual. This is what psychologists say. There are couples in which one of the partners imposes his desires, and the other fulfills them in order to maintain the relationship. Here it is necessary to give free rein to imagination.

Diversify your life together, turn it into an exciting action with its own rules, secrets and rewards. Take note of the ideas suggested by psychotherapists:

Spend evenings together

Psychotherapists say: the more time you spend for business, the worse your relationship gets. Naturally, in the evenings, most people want to get rid of extraneous thoughts. But this habit prevents partners from contacting. Mental relief is good, but it should be moderate.

Invite your partner to write a list of things they think you can do together in the evening. Write down each of the ideas on a separate sheet, and pull out for good luck.

Make time for leisure activities together. You can play something or share your impressions of the books you've read. Just talk about different topics. The main thing is that you are only the two. The challenge is to create an intimate space that belongs entirely to you.

Each by itself, write a list of what you want to do together in the evenings. Take turns to surprise each other by coming up with an evening program.

Write letters or notes

Remember the tradition of sending postcards by mail - as was done many years ago. Seal them in paper envelopes, secretly leave them in your beloved's jacket pocket. Attach notes to working papers or write real long letters. It can be any form. The main thing is to express your feelings and desires, share discoveries, and demonstrate gratitude. But remember that all words written on paper must be sincere, coming from the heart.

These mini-messages will show that you still love your partner and want the relationship to grow. They contribute to finding and restoring a connection with the feeling of love that excites our souls.

In modern realities, these little things are especially attractive. Write the words of love by hand, so you can establish intimate, heartfelt communication, increase self-esteem, both your own and your partner's.

Do something together

You can start learning a foreign language or do yoga together. Learn new things to revitalize relationships. Remember how closely the members of the same club are connected with each other. The "initiates" develop a sense of being on the same wavelength, belonging to an expert clan.

Choose activities that can improve your knowledge and gain new ones. Such activity helps to strengthen ties, helps to draw energy in communication with other people.

Take care of each other every day

Reshape everyday life in your own way. Show attention to your partner. Remember that relationships do not die from quarrels, but from lack of care.

Do not limit yourself to gifts on holidays, do small feats every day. Give each other compliments, surprises.

Get to know each other

Take time to have a frank conversation several times a month.

Don't think that you know your partner like the back of your hand. Such a conviction can kill love. Confidence in absolute knowledge negates the element of surprise, destroys passion. Some people have lovers because they want to feel attractive again.

Talk to your partner about things that excite or amuse you.

Know how to listen to each other, but refrain from commenting.

Your partner's words should move you. Many women, and even men, only pretend to listen, but in fact think about their own - this is a mistake.

Create a shared story

Partners who are truly attached to each other do not forget about their common past, they value moments of tenderness. By immersing yourself in memories, you do not devalue the present, but only remind yourself of how your relationship developed. Relive the happy moments in your memory.