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5 ways to delay a man's orgasm

5 ways to delay a man's orgasm

How to delay the onset of orgasm in a man? It is known that if a man moves in the same rhythm, which is quite predictable, he will ejaculate faster. If you change your position, this moment will be somewhat delayed.

Any woman who likes vaginal sex is probably aware of the sad statistics. On average, sexual intercourse lasts 3-7 minutes. How can you prolong the pleasure?

Here are 5 useful tips:

1. It worth to prolong foreplay. It is important to distribute the time so that the preliminary caresses last as long as possible. A woman should be aroused in such a way that she has very little time left before the finish line. You may engage in mutual masturbation and oral sex.

2. Use an erectile ring. It will help delay a man's orgasm. In addition, it allows you to maintain an erection for a longer time.

3. Use a condom. This will reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse.

4. Change your posture. If the partner moves in the same rhythm, he may quickly ejaculate. By changing the rhythm and posture, you allow the man to prolong sexual intercourse.

5. Train your pelvic floor muscles. A Swedish study published in 2014 showed an interesting fact. Those men, who are engaged in the training of the pelvic floor, may control an orgasm in the best way. This also allows you to prolong sexual intercourse and all the pleasure associated with it.