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7 ways to make relationship bright again

7 ways to make relationship bright again

Sex is not just a physical action aimed at bearing children. Sex is all about getting pleasure. So why not add variety to your intimate life?

Sex marathon

The main feature of this event is spontaneity. It is impossible to plan in advance that passion will catch you and will not leave you. So, once you realize that your bodies want to become one from Saturday to Monday, be sure to make your wish come true. Firstly, it is extremely fun, and secondly, you will become closer not only physically, but also emotionally.

If you tell your partner that you do not plan to leave bed in the next couple of days, you can be sure that he will postpone gatherings with friends, cancel fishing, and he will love you  as much as he can.

Quick sex

Without a foreplay and long heart-to-heart conversations. Just quick quality sex! Even if your man is not a big fan of surprises, he will definitely not refuse such a wonderful gift. You can have quick sex anywhere - from a dressing room in a store to the back seat of a car. And you can also have sex at the moment when you are getting ready for an important event and dress smartly. Believe me, you will remember this for a long time!

Wild passion

You don't have to go looking for a cave and bear skin to make sex wild. Just add a bit of spice - it will give you inspiration for erotic feats. Don't be afraid to look like a pervert, don't be too shy! After all, two people are involved in sex, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is much worse if your sex resembles a Brazilian soap opera: it's the same all the time, but it's endless. Allow yourself innocent pranks: pinch his ass, whisper affectionate words in his ear, let your man feel like a master. He will get involved!

Erotic awakening

Why not have sex at night?  Of course, you shouldn't wake him up at 3 am with a heart-rending cry “I want you now!”. Use more delicate techniques - affectionate kisses, gentle strokes, oral sex in the end. There is no need to demand active action from a sleepy partner, he is unlikely to take it with enthusiasm. But he will not give up the pleasure, you can be sure. And is anyone able to refuse such a thing?

Sex toys

Even the best intimacy can become boring with the time: you already know what he will do the next minute, you can predict any of his actions and desires. And here it is just worth deciding on experiments, for example, taking a sex toy with you to bed. First, you can use light accessories like soft feathers, scented lubricants, erotic lingerie with holes where they shouldn't be. And if everything goes right, nothing will stop you.