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Foreplay: what a man secretly wants

Foreplay: what a man secretly wants

Most people think that men do not really welcome preliminary caresses; however, they probably just want to make them a variety.

A little terminology is for better understanding. Foreplay is a tactile contact that occurs before sex in order to relax, liberate and excite the partner. Foreplay involves gentle kisses, petting, hot hugs, mutual friction of the genitals, erotic massage, joint viewing of porn films.

We offer to analyze several possible options for preliminary caresses, when the reins of power are transferred to female hands.

Small striptease and erotic massage

If women love with their ears, then men prefer to admire the object of passion. Accordingly, it is extremely important for them to see their partner sexy and attractive every day. Now you understand why a faded jacket and stretched leggings are better not to wear at home? Let's get down to business. You know very well that guys love striptease and erotic massage. And they are not interested in professional strippers and masseuses as it is very boring. So be sure to take these tips on board – the partner will definitely appreciate your efforts. You may not expect that you will have to perform incredible acrobatic tricks for an hour. A couple of minutes is enough, and the man is at your feet..., or not just legs.

Nipple biting

Of course, this is not such a sensitive area as the white line of the abdomen, scrotum or neck. However, it still needs attention. Gently, but at the same time passionately stroke, kiss, lick and bite the nipples. To be honest, men love the same stimulation as women. Therefore, one of the best ways to excite a partner through exposure to the nipples is to remember which touches to this erogenous zone you prefer yourself.

Although it should be borne in mind that there will always be guys who do not like such caresses. It is advisable to check with the partner in advance how he feels about this.

Tongue games instead of blowjobs

Modern men are very sophisticated in sex – they can no longer be surprised by a throat blowjob, not to mention simpler techniques. Therefore, it is necessary to learn something new so that oral caresses become truly unforgettable for your lover. In principle, you may sign up for a coach and master the art of blowjob at the level of a pro. And instead of the usual up-and-down movements, you may try to intensively caress the penis with your tongue. Imagine that this is a large lollipop, and you are faced with the task of licking it from all sides.

Attention to lubrication

These can be lubricants with a certain aroma, taste, cooling effect or sparkles. In the world, a huge number of lubricants are sold every day, and some girls are still afraid to touch them. We hope you're not one of them. Men really like it when women take the reins of power in their own hands and put a condom on their partner, as well as apply a lubricant to the whole body. And then they also enjoy the process when the guy does the same. Erotic massage, arousal and rapprochement are secured.

Prohibition of touching your body and the body of your partner

Want some light BDSM? Take, take off your clothes. Men like to give sex a little bit of audacity, so they will gladly agree to experiment with tying their hands and feet. You can use special ropes, a silk scarf or handcuffs. By and large, anything that can be partially immobilized will do. "What's original about it?" you might ask. Just imagine how a man feels when you give him a stunning blowjob, and he is deprived of the opportunity to touch your breasts or take you by the hair.

But you should not think that preliminary caresses are only an aperitif, whet your appetite, a certain opening chord before sex. Mutual caresses and, in principle, any practices that give pleasure to both partners are nothing more than sex. And they are certainly followed by vaginal penetration. Be guided by your own desires and preferences – this is the most correct approach.