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What happens if you masturbate every day?

What happens if you masturbate every day?

Here is such a crazy task entrusted me editorial. I ought to indulge in masturbation every day for a week and observe my body and behavior, describing everything in a diary. I liked the challenge, and I thought it would be quite easy and fun, because I sometimes give myself solo fun and why not increase the number of sessions alone.

Seven days later, I thought differently. It turned out that the task was not so simple. Why? Time, care and life. We're all busy people with lots of things to do. I travel a lot, I'm lonely and I'm always tired. As a result, like in many women, orgasms fade into the background in a series of other issues.

However, for me masturbation this week was not a simple relaxation, but an editorial task and I did not give up. And I must say that for 7 days of my marathon of pleasures, I discovered a lot of features of my body and the threshold of my own pleasures. Today I evaluate masturbation in a very different way. Even as a sex journalist and coach, I can not spend a lot of time on sexual experiments and after my week-long program, I can strongly recommend all my readers to repeat such an experience.

Here are a few things I learned during my daily masturbation for a week:

1. The more orgasms, the more you want

To be honest, the first few days of regular masturbation were, to put it mildly – annoying. But when the first three days of the marathon had passed, I began to feel an itch in that very place and wanted to satisfy it.

Before the start of the experiment, I loved getting orgasms (surprise however). But after caressing myself everyday, I started to wait for my next session like never before. The more orgasms I experienced, the more I wanted new orgasms. As soon as I felt really relaxed, I wanted to reach for my vibrator and repeat the procedure. Masturbation ceased to be like the usual satisfaction of an acute need, it began to ignite my sexuality.

2. There are millions of ways to touch the clitoris

I have my own technique of self-stimulation movements. I know what toys can make me cum faster. But after caressing myself every day, I realized that I do not want to rush and want to catch the feeling of new ways of caressing myself beloved.

In addition, from daily touches to the clitoris, it really decreased. It turned out this is normal and the body needs to give a few days of rest before it returns to form. I found that I needed more time to achieve new orgasms and was forced to find new ways to get the expected level of pleasure by exploring myself.

At the end of the week, I added nipple stimulation to the caresses and worked more actively with my g-spot in tandem with the clitoris. I made myself a real sexy buffet.

3. Orgasms help you sleep

During orgasm, your body produces nice hormones and this is a scientific fact. Orgasm helps to cope with depression, anxiety and even pain. If before going to bed you have an orgasm - the dream will be great, you can check.

During my experiment, I tried to satisfy myself at different times of the day. But as it turned out, to please yourself before going to bed is the best method.

I'll tell you just three words. Orgasm is magic.

4. To find time for masturbation is really a difficult task

During the week I was constantly busy at work. A lot of meetings, deadlines, unnecessary and necessary things take up all the time. It was really hard for me to find time to be alone. And if you remember what I wrote above, it needed everyday more time for consummation, and it was becoming more and more as a problem.

I had a very difficult week and by Tuesday I had almost decided to postpone the experiment for a week. But I didn't give up and now I realize how important these classes were for me and how they helped me get through this week. I understand that work will always be a shaft, the timing will always burn, but you need to find time and please yourself.

5. Every woman should have several vibrators

Loving yourself is beautiful. Giving yourself physical pleasure is magical. And in order to create this magic does not hurt to constantly expand your collection of magic wands and other toys. I love my vibrator, but I love my «Satisfyer» just as much and spend most of my time with them.

However, during my week of masturbation, I tried a few new toys and never regretted it. Each of them gives a unique orgasm or a wave of sensations. I can say that. Let the men invest in the crypt and precious metals, and we should invest in our reserve of pleasures unrestrainedly expanding the boundaries of available formats. We girls should have many toys!

During sex you may fantasize about new things

We all have fantasies that may quickly and for sure excite. But I couldn't smear my juices all week on favourite Idris Elba, I needed to cheat on him it and be a bit creative. Even my porn playlist has changed.

You may kill me ;), but I could not imagine myself watching random porn videos on Redtube, and I had come to it :). And it's cool. It turns out I'm not above it, I love it and will watch it in the future.

The greatest benefit of a week of daily masturbation for me was the opportunity to expand my own sexual horizons even without the influence of other people. I discovered myself; I didn't need a new lover with new knowledge. Masturbation as well as meditation requires a certain attitude and concentration, and I understand that doing it every day is physically impossible for many, but try to satisfy yourself at least three times a week and you will realize how vain it was not done before.