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What is foot fetish?

What is foot fetish?

Your wonderful slender legs, which have received a lot of attention in the beauty industry, are not really an art object. Of course, we can assume that legs and feet are necessary only for walking and running, but why limit yourself? Let's conquer the Olympus of sexuality with your feet!

If you analyze all the available sex positions, you can see that the legs and feet don't play the main role in them. They are bent, crossed or squeezed, but this only partially changes the configuration of the position. But it can seriously affect sensations, increase arousal and accelerate the orgasm. Another question is that it's not just the genitals that come into contact in bed, which is great! What else can you do with your lovely feet?

Foot fetish

Of course, foot fetish is the first thing that comes to your mind when you mention feet. For some reason, this particular BDSM practice has gained immense popularity, perhaps the greatest of all fetishes. However, it is not at all necessary to go to closed BDSM parties to become one of the connoisseurs. If a gentle and trusting relationship has been established in a couple, the partners will surely be able to massage each other's feet and rub each toe.

If you are not very ticklish, then you will certainly appreciate touching the thin skin between your toes, and if you touch it with your tongue, then you can completely push the boundaries of your own sensuality. In general, thorough foot care, the use of all kinds of creams and powders, massage and baths are just manifestations of foot fetish, especially if it gives pleasure, and does not turn into a dull routine.

Foot job

If we talk about the sexual satisfaction of a man when a woman stimulates the penis with tightly compressed feet or toes. The most exciting thing about this enchanting dance is considered to be the most hyped prank, often shown in Hollywood films. You've probably seen the scene when a woman gracefully drops a shoe under the table, and her slender leg slides over the leg of the man sitting opposite to the crotch.

In general, a foot job is one of the components of a foot fetish, and here we are talking about male pleasure. In fact, the pleasant sliding touches of an erect penis (don't forget about lubrication!) And the very awareness of exactly how these sensations are delivered can give a whole heap of unforgettable sensations for a woman, especially if the feet have increased sensitivity.

Tight legs

Biologically based genital contact is not a limit for a person with developed imagination. Intimacy is not limited to holes in the body for physical pleasure. You can’t even imagine how many men dream of doing "it" between tightly compressed ankles, equally tightly compressed thighs, or even under a bent knee.

Of course, you need lubricant, but this is necessary anu\yway, so, take more!

The thin skin on the inner thigh may not be as sensitive as the vagina, but this is a different experience - so why not experience it? Penetration between tightly compressed legs allows you to practice sex in positions that are simply physically impossible with vaginal penetration. And sometimes you really want something unusual!

Yours and his flawless pedicure

Fingering is not something outrageous: indeed, caressing the deepest points with your fingers is quite familiar. What about your toes? Of course, foot fisting is a rather extreme thing that must be carried out according to all the rules of BDSM. However, as a light version, toe stimulation is quite possible, even if it is completely unexpected.

For example, while caressing a man with your mouth, you can use your toes to start a fire of love with friction. Deep penetration may not be expected, but there is not the slightest doubt that a partner will appreciate such an exciting technique! He can do the same. The main condition is no sharp and rough movements.

Dominance elements

An extremely interesting technique! It is often referred to as trampling. Moreover, you don't need to wear high-heeled shoes in order to be a dominatrix mistress. Sometimes a sudden attack with a bare foot is the most powerful motivation for action.

In general, the process in which someone steps on someone is just an element of BDSM, which is quite allowed to be used to brighten up your relationship. Don't you mind to diversify your intimate life?

Your feet are lovely, they need to be cared for and cherished. So why not indulge them in exciting new ways?