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What is the secret of a strong relationship

What is the secret of a strong relationship

The rose and candy stage ends, and many hormones that make us feel in love, disappear. If partners have been in a relationship for a long time, they face the threat of a gradual fading of feelings.

There are several ways to strengthen the bonds between partners.

Kisses on the lips

Kisses should be real - deep and long. The optimal duration is 6 seconds. Research has shown that a partner needs to be kissed daily. Why exactly 6 seconds? Scientists believe that this time period is too long to kiss someone whom you don't like. The brain receives a signal that your partner is important to you, gives you a sense of security.

Tight hug

Hold your loved one in your arms for at least 20 seconds, as long as possible. Hold your partner firmly without shifting the center of gravity. After 20 seconds, blood pressure and heart rate decrease, the anxiety will go away, the hormone oxytocin will replace it. Trust in your partner will increase along with a sense of security. Tactile contacts bring you closer together.

Attentive attitude to each other

Pay attention to your partner, the main thing is not to flip through the Instagram feed. This can include hugging kisses, heart-to-heart conversations. Take an interest in the affairs of your loved one, know how to hear each other. This will make the relationship meaningful and important.