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What sex tricks are there? How can you surprise a man?

What sex tricks are there? How can you surprise a man?

If you want to add variety to your intimate life, just learn 4 simple sex tricks.

Look in the eye

Many people find this strange, but in reality, eye contact is very arousing. In addition, it helps establish an emotional bond between partners and build trust in the couple.

Tease your partner

Put your man on his back, sit on top and say: "Today I am the boss and you have to obey." Then tell him the rules: it is forbidden to cum until you allow him, and vice versa. Stimulate each other's erogenous zones (neck, earlobes, inner thighs) to accelerate the onset of orgasm. As arousal grows, sexual anticipation will also increase, which works better than all kinds of aphrodisiacs.

Create real intimacy

Contrary to beliefs, the most intimate and emotional position is not missionary. Invite your lover to sit at the head of the bed, place a pillow under his back for more comfort, and sit on top yourself. Since both of you are sitting, you can hug, shower each other with kisses, maintain eye contact.

Provoke his sensations

Use a silk tie or scarf to blindfold your partner. By temporarily depriving him of the opportunity to see what is happening, you thereby sharpen the rest of the senses - smell, touch. You can further enhance the effect by inserting headphones with relaxing music into your lover's ears.