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What tricks can be used in sex

What tricks can be used in sex

Transforming sex from  "it could be better" to "God, this is just awesome!" is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Try to use our simple tips in practice and do not hesitate - your man will remember this for a long time.

So, we present to your attention 4 sex tricks that are guaranteed to delight him.

Look each other in the eye

Eye contact should not be avoided during sex. There is nothing strange here. On the contrary, it helps to establish an emotional connection with a partner, which further increases arousal.

Tease him

Put your partner on his back, saddle up and say: "Now I am a boss here, and you will have to obey me." Then tell him the rules: he doesn't finish until you let him, and vice versa, respectively. Stimulate each other's sensitive areas one at a time to prevent orgasm. As the excitement grows, the anticipation of orgasm will also increase, which acts much more effectively than all kinds of aphrodisiacs.

Create true intimacy

Many people believe that the missionary position is the best way to promote emotional union with a partner. However, this is not always true. Let the man sit at the head of the bed, you put a pillow under his back, and sit on top yourself. Since both of you are sitting, you can gently hug, look at each other, shower each other with kisses. This version of the cowgirl position is definitely worth a try!

Spur his sensations

Take a tie or silk scarf and blindfold the man. By temporarily depriving him of his sight, you immediately sharpen all his other senses. Do you want even more effect? Then insert headphones with slow relaxing music into his ears. Now your kisses and touches will become especially exciting and piquant for him.