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What you have to know about sex in water

What you have to know about sex in water

Maybe sex is not the main component of happy relationship, but it’s not the least important thing. That’s why partners always try to bring something new to their sexual life. Sex in water is an interesting experience but it can also be quite harmful.

Every man has tried to have sex in water at least once in his life. It could be a swimming poll, the sea in the sunset or a lake in the sunrise. If it was all right and you didn’t catch any infection – you can consider yourself lucky. 

Actually this sex in not about two people. All reservoir inhabitants join your sexual intercourse. Let’s find out what circumstances it can lead to. 

Mainly such sex is dangerous for females. Bacteria can get into her vagina and cause different diseases. If you are to active, sand can also get inside and lead to irritation. 

The sea is better for sex than a lake because salty water is more sterile. But if you have any cracks or damages in your vagina, you will feel burning inside and you’ll have to stop making love. 

Water washes away all natural lubrication so it’s better to use oil-badsed lubricants which can’t be washed away. 

Condoms are almost useless in water. Chloride and sea salt spoil them. If you still use them, it’s better to put a condom in out of water. 

As for the pond, it’s the dirtiest place full of bacteria and microorganisms. You can catch trichomonad or other unpleasant things there. It’s better not to risk. It will lead to irritation on skin and mucosa.

Also it’s important to know that lakes, ponds and other fresh waters are homes for different types of birds and insects which spread dangerous diseases. 

If you still want to have sex in the water, take an antibacterial agent with you and wash your vagina afterwards. 

You may consider sex in water romantic, but it’s more about discomfort. Remember that if you catch a disease, you will spend a lot of money and time on the treatment. Think of a better place for making love.