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Why do women lose desire for intimacy?

Why do women lose desire for intimacy?

Every woman is able to forget about sex for several days, or even weeks, without any particular reason. This is not a feature of unhealthy relationship or health problems. The degree of a woman's sexual desire is influenced by the level of hormones, which changes several times a month. However, if libido is absent for a long time, it can tell of some health problems.

First, it is worth checking for diseases of the genitourinary system. A long absence of sexual desire can be a symptom of mycotic vulvovaginitis, cysts, chlamydia, or inflammation of the appendages.

Secondly, pregnancy and childbirth are very stressful for the body and cause hormonal imbalances, which leads to a decrease in sex drive. In addition, in the first months a woman gives all of herself to the child, unable to rest and sleep, which, of course, affects the lack of desire to make love. Over time, the hormonal background is restored, the child requires less attention, and a woman starts striving for sex again.

Third, surgical procedures and postoperative recovery are time consuming. Medical abstinence is one of the conditions for successful recovery. Surgical interventions can have a negative impact on the psycho-emotional state. When a woman feels bad, she doesn't want to have sex.

Fourth, taking certain medications (antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc.) can also reduce libido. If medications are taken as prescribed by a doctor and negatively affect libido, it is necessary to see a sexologist in order to restore sexual desire without giving up medications.

Fifth, the rhythm of life of a modern person is so intense that fatigue and constant stress leave no room for sexual desire. All that a woman wants in such a situation is to get enough sleep and rest.

The sixth reason is that monotony and routine in sexual life are boring. Sex in the classic position with the lights off and the curtains drawn is not satisfying. One advice is to add romance, experimentation, spontaneity. You can study the Kama Sutra or watch adult films to understand what you want.

The seventh factor is shyness and self-doubt. Being overweight can be a problem. A woman can't relax and enjoy the process. To increase self-esteem, you need to work on the problem physically (diet, gym) or go to a psychologist.

Another reason for not wanting to have sex is lack of satisfaction. Sexual tastes change throughout life. What once excited and caused wild delight, eventually ceases to bring pleasure and changes to new preferences. To avoid this problem, you need to be sincere with your partner and be frank about your desires.Thus, a woman's libido can be reduced for a number of reasons. Don't think too much on your problems but try to sort them out to save your health and marriage.