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Why does a woman refuse oral sex?

Why does a woman refuse oral sex?

Let's just clarify, women do it, and if they don't want to do it for you, then there are already several aspects that need to be taken into account and corrected.

In this article we will try not to touch the possibilities of the psychological type of a particular woman, in our section about it is enough.

We will focus on the aspects that a man implies as a matter of course but women do not share at all. That's not the way to think when you're hoping for a blowjob.

Remember, through some experience, women often begin to think that oral sex is as great as visiting a dentist and gynecologist at the same time. It is a bad experience that makes women to stop loving oral caresses although according to the survey they are one of the most desirable in sex and occupy the first line in women's fantasies.

10 things that deprive you of a blowjob

Read the lines below and try to remember your behavior. It's possible you will recognize yourself at least in one of the situations. Thus you will know what to change for the location of your beloved to make her eager to lick your cock.

Give me a blowjob, baby! This phrase or similar, especially at the first intimate meeting, produces an unacceptably negative attitude towards you in general. If you decide to express your wishes aloud, you will have to balance on a fine line between barracks and kindergarten. According to the majority of women surveyed, the best way to express their wishes is to start the first in a similar way to please a female partner.

Persistently and unambiguously push her head into the groin area. Do you think otherwise it is impossible to show her what a man wants?! I think, for achievements the best effect female partner is needed to be firmly taken for ears and, despite all her attempts to extricate herself from your tenacious embrace, to bring deal until the end of. A woman's head is generally a very useful tool. Deftly manipulating it, you can set the right pace and rhythm. The main thing is to hold your partner tightly so that she does not break out at the most inopportune moment and does not spoil your pleasure. That's what the mustachioed Scandinavian from the porn film viewed the day before with the guys did. If you have done all this, and the girl is still here – then she is in a deep faint, which came as a result of suffocation.

Show the indifference inherent in a real man. Be patient! Even the ancient Chinese taught: the less sperm a man spends, the longer he will retain potency. You are ready to give pleasure to the woman the whole eternity..., at least, as long as she does not dislocate the jaw.

Don't shower before a date. This is the easiest and most effective way to permanently instill in a woman an aversion to oral sex and not only to it, which does not require any special efforts and costs.

Surprise her and try to teach her a deep blowjob right away. If she gives you to understand that oral sex – it is mutual and she was tired of playing in one of the gates, ignore her.

That's right, let her know her place! In bed, as in life, everything is decided by a man. Besides, it is not proper for a decent girl to talk about such things. I think after that you will wake up in a proud and pleasant solitude.

Flash with erudition and if she still does not know that sperm has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, eliminate the gap in her education.

Read the appropriate lecture and move on to practical training. The main thing is to act quickly and decisively.

Turn away when, after all that has happened, she shyly offers you her lips for a kiss, pull away and advise her to brush her teeth first.

Tell her something encouraging, like it wasn't so bad, but we need to practice.