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Why is sex disappearing in the family?

Why is sex disappearing in the family?

Perhaps divorces would happen 10% less often if people paid attention to one small nuance. Which, however, can cause serious sexual troubles. It's about biorhythms.

We are interested in things like height, weight, physique of a partner, his sexual performance, financial situation, bad habits, but we do not think at all about whether he is an early riser or a night person. But this could help to avoid many sexual troubles.

So, a woman who is an early bird will definitely not support her husband's erotic initiative closer at 23:00. At this time, her body becomes heavy, her legs and arms become wadded, her head reaches for the pillow, and she wants to plunge into the arms of Morpheus. No, even the most sophisticated caresses, you will not be able to awaken the sleeping sensuality of this woman. If you interrupt her sleep she will be angry and not willing to have sex. If you do it all the time, she will turn into an angry and exhausted woman. The case may even come to a divorce.

The attempt to have sex with a night person is a bit better. Due to some features of male physiology, he can have sex even being sleepy in the morning. However, it's not a great pleasure for a girl to get a sleepy, muttering body instead of a full-fledged lover, albeit with an erect penis? The joy of sex lies precisely in the complete involvement of two partners. This is a special trance that helps to distract from all the hardships of life, and not just a puzzle that must be assembled from certain organs.

It turns out that spouses who have a discrepancy in biological rhythms, even with unreal love and a strong attraction to each other, may not have sex for weeks. This situation is even worse when a couple has children who demand lots of attention.

But, be that as it may, all problems, including physiological ones, are completely solvable if people want to solve them. In such cases, early birds and night people will certainly find points of contact. At least by going on vacation, at least leaving the kids to grandmother, at least during the lunch break.